The Christmas Eve service will be at 6 pm at Living Stones Academy. We will also have a worship service Christmas Day at our regular time (10:30 am).


Current sermon series:

That You May Know: A Series in 1 John

Prepare Your Heart For This Sunday

Other Sermon Series

Given To Pray: A Summer Series on the LORD's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer is one of the most well known prayers, if not the most. But what does it mean? What is Jesus trying to teach us when he directs us to pray this way? 

The Sign of Jonah

During the season of Lent, we journeyed through the book of Jonah, a story of the breadth of God's mercy.

Advent 2022

The advent season were we celebrated the coming of Emmanuel.

Called: The Vision of Gracehill Church

What is Gracehill Church all about? What are we called to be and do as part of this local church body? The answers to these questions are found in our vision statement and for this series we take a deep look at each of the components of that statement.

Mark: The Servant Kingdom

Jesus heals the sick, confounds his disciples, and opens our eyes to new ways of living in His kingdom. We’re unraveling the meaning of parables and looking at old  maps.

Habakkuk: Growth in the Storm

A summer sermon series in the Old Testament book of Habakkuk.  We look at Habakkuk's plea for justice and mercy, and God's surprising response.

Psalms of Ascent: Songs for the Road

A series focused on the Psalms of Ascent as we approach Resurrection Sunday. Join us as we listen to the soundtrack of the Jewish people as they journeyed to Jerusalem.